Cricket Season 2017/18 – Beat the Boundary!


Cricket season is just around the corner!

This year the Sporties video crew went on tour to the great NSW city of Wagga Wagga to check out what is happening in cricket there. Chatting with Phil and Scott, the program boasts huge success with Wagga Cricket fostering strong coaching and development for young players. Wagga Wagga and surrounding region is well known for producing amazing cricketers, and this group of young representative players who came to put our cricket range to the test are proof!

We are very excited to launch our 2017 range of gear and really happy these young gun athletes also gave the Sporties cricket range the thumbs up!

Massive thank you to: Josh, Rachel, Harry, Tim, Lucy, Stacey, Sam and Brandy from Wagga Cricket and Josh, Brooke, Marcus and the team from Sporties Wagga Wagga.

Good luck to all cricketers for a dynamic season filled with runs, catches, wickets and friends.