Harriet Walker: Chase The Feeling


When you meet Harriet Walker, you get the feeling this is a woman in the right job. We’re just not 100% sure exactly which one though…
From dietitian / nutritionist, healthy tips blogger, fitness fanatic, personal trainer, fitness model, healthy snack startup co-founder, surf boat rower, championing health in the workplace and schools, fit foodie, chief fitness motivator … the list goes on.

No matter where she is or what she is doing (or what she puts on her business card) Harriet has one undeniable and over riding passion that colours what she does – creating a healthy life for herself and her community.

As Harriet puts it in her own words “It is my passion to inspire people to put their best foot forward and be the fittest and healthiest they can be.”

The team at Sportsmans Warehouse Australia is proud to be partnering with Harriet in helping her to achieve her mission to create a healthier world. Sharing in our vision our “Fostering fitness in the community” Harriet has got a lot of her healthy bases covered. This is Harriet’s own story of how she Chases the Feeling each day, and it a story worth telling.

It’s a rich and inspirational story that anyone, at any age, at any stage in their life can connect with, learn from and find your own small moment of motivation. Harriet … don’t slow down. You inspire us to chase the feeling everyday.