How To Foam Roll: Legs With Aimee


Foam rolling is one of the best ways to sooth sore muscles after a run, but also good to loosen muscles beforehand too!

Start at your quads, center one leg over the roller (doing only one leg at a time helps you to focus in on problem areas)
Working from the top of your knee, roll upwards towards the middle of your thigh.
Do this for one minute on each leg.
Continue on the quads, this time starting in the middle of your thigh heading upwards towards your hip. Runners will find this quite tight.
One minute each leg.

ITB ROLL (muscle group on the side of your thigh)
Similar to the quad roll, your going to start at the top of the knee and just go half way for one minute (each leg) then start at the halfway point and roll up towards glutes.

Aimee can be seen using her opposite leg to support herself, if you find this stretch too light, try holding both legs off the ground so that your entire body weight is against the roller.

HAMSTRING ROLL (back of the thigh)
Start above knee, again rolling in halves – because this is quite a large muscle group you really need to focus on areas one at a time. If you feel a knot or tender area, focus there for a bit to relieve the tension.

This stretch can be done in one go – rather than in halves for the larger areas, but if you need support, use your opposite leg for stability off the roller.
Slowly work from the ankle up to the back of the knee, try to rotate the angle of stretch – so turn your foot inwards or outwards to find any knots.

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Aimee Harris
Aimee's passion for sport and fitness started at a very young age as a cricketer and saw her represent NSW & ACT in the Women's National Competition. Since then Aimee has a gained a qualification as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and running coach. Whether it is early frosty morning boot camps or warm summer nights in the gym, you can be sure to find Aimee working with people to help them achieve their health and fitness goals.